ISLAMABAD - More than 3,000 people are killed in road accidents every year in Pakistan. Actual figure could be much higher as legitimate traffic crash data is scarce. These ever-escalating road accidents are going to be out of control and roads will become even more of the war zone than they already are, said SSP National Highways and Motorway Police Jamil Ahmed Hashmi on Monday.

He expressed these views while addressing a seminar, organised to sensitise the drivers and students about the traffic rules here at International Islamic University, Islamabad (IIUI). He said that we should incorporate the road safety education in academic curricula like some advanced countries on the globe. He said that our disregard for road safety needs to be curbed at school, not at the nearest hospital level.

He went to say that in developed countries, road safety education is taught at the early age in schools, so when they complete their graduation, they already have pretty good information about traffic rules and regulations and are better prepared to take on the responsibility of safe road usage.

SSP Hashmi said due to this, these countries have extremely low fatality rates of road accidents. He said that we have to follow advanced countries as ‘role model’ because they treat road safety as it should be treated like a matter of life and death.

He said that this is the mission being tasked to NHMP Mobile Education Unit and our potential instructors are performing their jobs more effectively and efficiently.

Briefing the audience at the seminar, NHMP Mobile Education Unit In-charge Sector M-2 (North) Imran Abbas said the authority is making all out efforts to educate maximum number of people about the significance of road safety.

He said his target market especially is students as the future of the country lies in their hands and if they are safe, Pakistan is safe. He, through multi-media presentation, screened a few video clips pertaining to road crashes and pinpointed the shortcomings of the road users which cased the mishaps.

The main theme of the seminar was ‘Dozing at the Wheel’ which he tried his best to elaborate to his audience through a number of examples. He said the road user should be pro-active and in proper state of mind before coming on road as it would help avoid any fatal accident.

At the end of function, SSP Hashmi distributed shields among those who help NHMP Mobile Education Unit to disseminate its message across the board through all possible means of communication.