QUETTA - Pak-Afghan border at Chaman reopened on Monday after a two-day long closure owing to a dispute between Pakistani and Afghan forces over search procedure. Afghan security forces had closed the border on Saturday after Afghan drivers protested against the Frontier Corps (FC) for offloading their trucks carrying fresh fruits. The border closure resulted in halting the supplies to American and Nato forces in Afghanistan while more than one thousand oil tankers, containers and truck were stranded at both sides of border. However, the crossing was reopened for the traffic and supply of goods to Nato forces restored after the suspension during which a blast also destroyed 26 oil tankers and trailers. Chaman is one of two main crossing points for supplies for American and Nato forces fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan. The foreign troops get about 75 per cent of their supplies through Pakistan. Pakistani customs officials said lengthy checking of Afghan trucks carrying watermelon and grapes prompted Afghan officials to close the border. However, customs and security officials from both sides agreed to end their dispute on Monday.