LAHORE - Former International Cricket Council president Ehsan Mani has supported the decision by the Pakistan Cricket Board to reach an Mani out-of-court settlement with the ICC over the 2011 World Cup dispute. "I don't think there was any other option available to Pakistan at this time because there is no way one can tell other teams to come and play in Pakistan at this time," said Mani, who has been advising PCB in its row with the ICC after the governing council had shifted 14 2011 World Cup matches out of the country due to security reasons. Mani said in an interview the PCB had taken the right decision to file a legal challenge against the ICC when it shifted the World Cup matches from Pakistan in April. "There was no other option available at that time to Pakistan. But yes, definitely if Pakistan had managed to convince the ICC and other member countries to allow it to host its share of World Cup matches at neutral venues it could have earned more. "I don't know the exact figure that Pakistan will get from the out-of-court settlement with the ICC but definitely if Pakistan had been allowed to hold matches at neutral venues it would have earned more," Mani was quoted by PTI. Mani said the ICC bore expenses for all its events and if Pakistan had staged matches at neutral venues it would have earned around USD 18-20 million besides the hosting fees. Pakistan is at present expecting USD 10.5 million as hosting fees and another USD 8-9 million dollars as compensation amount from the ICC from the out-of-court settlement. Mani said that India had strongly opposed the shifting of matches to neutral venues and the ICC took a back step. "It was because of India that Pakistan's proposal to have matches at neutral venues was not accepted. As far as contractual clauses or terms are concerned, the parties who have signed the agreement can always make amendments," he said.Mani, who acted as an adviser to the PCB in the World Cup dispute, said realistically speaking he didn't see prospects of any team touring Pakistan for the next one year. "The good thing is that the situation is definitely improving in Pakistan and the incidents of suicide bomb blasts in major cities have subsided. The security problem now appears to be confined to Peshawar and the province and tribal areas," he said. Mani advised the PCB to start the process of reviving international cricket in Pakistan by inviting junior and A teams of other boards after a few months if the security conditions remain stable and improve in next few months. PCB defends settlement with ICC The Pakistan Cricket Board believes that the financial settlement with the ICC over the 2011 World Cup matches row was the best possible solution and the criticism of the board is unfortunate. Responding to the criticism over the World Cup 2011 settlement with ICC in which the PCB is expecting to receive Rs 1.5 billion in return to surrendering the World Cup matches, chairman PCB said: "It is unfortunate that people are criticizing the PCB over this settlement which has ensured guaranteed income to the board. "We must understand and accept the ground realities which are that teams are not prepared to visit Pakistan at this stage. Under these conditions, it was imperative for us to protect our future income which we have successfully managed to do. We must not forget that World Cup is an ICC event and this body has the right to relocate the matches outside of a the 'host country' at any point in time and their decision is final and binding." Responding to the criticism that the amount which PCB would be getting was meager and nothing compared to what could have been achieved through a legal court battle, Chairman PCB said: "There is absolutely no truth in this statement, rather the legal action, had it gone in our favor would have resulted in much less amount to the PCB in damages. We had evaluated all available options in detail before taking the decision that we took. " "Yes there were legal fee involved which we had anticipated from the moment we decided to initiate the legal proceedings. I had discussed the legal fee range with competent authority beforehand. I am pleased to report that it is less than what we had anticipated. But one has to weigh the benefits of the legal case against the costs and I can safely say that our money is worth spent," he added. Replying to the criticism about PCB failing to get back the 14 matches and the secretariat, Chairman PCB said: "It is naive to portray this as the PCB's failure especially considering the current security situation in the country. The World Cup is the flagship event of ICC for which preparations are started years in advance. The settlement agreement signed with the ICC has a clause that as and when the security conditions improve in Pakistan, international cricket will start in the country. I expect the critics not to disregard the good work we have done so far in achieving the best possible results for PCB and Pakistan Cricket," he concluded.