LAHORE - The Supreme Court of Pakistan Bench while granting leave to appeal on a petition here Monday suspended operation of the Lahore High Courts decision whereof a schedule of uniformed sentences was prescribed for the convicts on the charges of narcotics smuggling. The Bench headed by Justice Khalilur Rehman Ramday has also sought the legal assistance of Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan and Khwaja Harris Ahmad by calling them as amicus curie. The Bench has also issued notice for the appearance of Special Prosecutor of Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF) on the next hearing. The Bench also comprising Justice Tassudaq Hussain Jilani, Justice Ch Ijaz Ahmad and Justice Sayed Zahid Hussain the Bench passed the said order on a petition filed by one Nasir Mahmood through advocate Qamar Zaman Qureshi. The appellant had moved the SC against a Full Bench decision of the Lahore High Court, which had fixed a uniformed quantum of sentences for the drug accused who are tried and convicted at the lower courts level. The impugned decision deviating from the past had required the courts below to award jail terms of a specific limit in proportionate to the recovery of drug from the accused. Under the Control of Narcotics and Substance Act the ratio of jail conviction varied from case to case no matter amount of recovery of the narcotic was the same. Counsel before the supreme court submitted that under the Act, it was discretion of the Court to determine the quantum of jail in view of the circumstances, facts, evidence, and witnesses of the case and the impugned decision, he added, has in fact, discarding all that has bound the trial court to necessarily award a fixed sentences proportionate to the recovery of drug ranging from one gram to 10kg or exonerate the accused person exonerated from the charges. The decision has taken away choice and exercise of discretion, which was available to the courts below for resorting to in view of the facts and circumstances of the case, he added. The appellant also took up an important point that the impugned decision had in fact, by fixing a uniformed quantum of sentence, legislated on the issue, which was not its domain but that of the legislators. The Court, the counsel said, could at the most have asked the legislation for amending the relevant law and cannot itself amend the law. After hearing the appellant counsel, the Court granted leave to appeal to hear the matter and suspended operation of the impugned decision as an interim measure.