LAHORE - Governor Punjab, Salman Taseer has said that MQM is a reality and that is why we are having coalition governments with it both at federal level and in Sindh province. He urged MQM leadership to come in Lahore to continue its political activities here. Salman Taseer expressed these views while addressing a book launching ceremony on the topic Altaf Hussain Muhib-e-Watan Nahin Tu Phir Kon written by Daud Ahmad of Multan. Among other prominent speakers included former federal minister, Dr Khalid Ranjha, columnist Hassan Nisar and leaders of MQM including Rauf Siddiqui and Shoaib Bokhari. Governor Punjab said he had told Altaf Husain in a meeting in London that MQM has two governors one Dr Ishart-ul-Ibad in Sindh and other Salman Taseer in Punjab. He said that MQM and PPP-led government have similarity in thoughts like progressiveness and anti terrorism. He said MQM was accused of creating Jinnahpur and PPP also faced such allegations. We faced dictators in the past and rendered huge sacrifices for the country but Benazir said democracy is the best revenge. Governor said that Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani remained behind the bar for about six years but he has forgiven Musharraf and other responsible. He said if some action was required under Article (6) then action under Article 6(2) also cannot be ignored. He said Maj (r) Amir and Brig (r) Imtiaz tried to bribe an MNA of PPP to get him involved in the destabilisation of then PPP government and I (Taseer) succeeded to get that recording then. We have collation government in federal and Sindh province with MQM and it is victory of democracy, he said. Salman Taseer said once an American asked him that how all the political parties have become united in war against terror, he (Salman Taseer) said it was due to political wisdom of PPP. He said on the day of Independence people of Swat were also celebrating the independence with the people of Pakistan. It was historical event that 1.5 million people were displaced and then settled successfully. Dr Khalid Ranjha on the occasion said when Altaf Hussain named his movement Muhajir Qaumi Movement it reflected a biased impression, adding that Altaf Hussian by eliminating this impression could win the hearts of the people of Pakistan. He said that people of Sindh and Punjab think similarly. Speaking on the occasion, MQM leader Rauf Siddiqui said that no one could harass us from the courts as we had faced courts in the past and also faced tortures. Shoaib Bokhari said MQM is a name of ideology and Altafs family members blood was running in it. He said MQM did not support the referendum of Musharraf. He said 256 FIRs were registered against Altaf Hussain when he was not in Karachi and 115 FIRs had also been registered against him (Shoaib).