Most of the country is under water, again. While our leaders bicker over who gets how much water for irrigation, the scene is repeated year after year. People dying, children electrocuted, houses and fields washed away, bridges destroyed, roads uprooted, it’s the same story repeated year after year for the last sixty rears. No leader had the guts to do what was right for the country. There are reports that heads of Indus Water Treaty sold their country. India has built more than 160 dams on rivers which were supposed to be exclusively for Pakistan, yet not a single voice was raised until it was too late.

Maybe one day our leaders will stop enjoying junkets to foreign shores and stop hobnobbing with people who have built their nations and start to think about what they are doing for their own downtrodden people. Until then let the major cities be devastated by floods while the elected representatives dream of underground commuter trains and bullet trains, of motorways and cheap electricity. May Allah be with all our brothers and sisters who are currently under water and praying for help?


Rawalpindi, August 6.