The role of Supreme Court of Pakistan headed by Ch Iftikhar must be appreciated in keeping a check on rampant corruption, abuses of power, target killings of citizens, appointment of cronies, role of land or drug mafia, failure to prosecute extortion collectors and other excesses by elected political executive and paid civil or uniformed bureaucracy, that has ravaged this country and destroyed our economy. Those who have played the role of vultures, indulging in massive unchecked loot and plunder, fearing accountability, have embarked upon scandalizing our judiciary.

There may not be angels sitting on benches of our superior judiciary, men with human weaknesses, but compared to other public officeholders, they are way above others and today enjoy more credibility than any other organ of state. When FBR fails in performing its sole primary objective to collect taxes from all those who earn above a certain level, it was Supreme Court of Pakistan which had to intervene to reprimand them, not the executive, or NAB. Similarly when thousands of containers, loaded with contraband smuggled goods and weapons, were off-loaded at KPT and went missing, it was not Customs, Coast Guard or KPT Security, but SC of Pakistan which took suo motto notice of this criminal act.

If any state institution has given a patient hearing to woes of thousands of missing Pakistanis, or taken note of fleecing of Hajjis and Umra passengers, the institutionalised vandalising of state corporations like OGDC, OEBI, PIA, PSO, NICL, CAA, PEPCO etc, it was none other but SC, which intervened in the national interest. Those who complain of judicial activism need to first take note of plunder by those who were supposed to act as guardians of state assets, not to assume role of robbers. Had the executive and paid public servants performed their constitutional roles, there would have been no need for SC to intervene.


Lahore, July 31.