Pakistan faced a lot of problems after emerging on the map; water problem was one of them. Relations with India were already bad while the water issue kept cropping up. To resolve these issues, a treaty popularly known as Sindh Tas was signed between Pakistan and India with the help of World Bank and some countries in 1960. According to this treaty, River Chenab was given to Pakistan and India would not have the right to stop its water and build any dam on this river. I deeply regret to say, India has already broken this treaty and now plans on building another dam on river Chenab which will be five times larger than the Baglihar dam. The Indus water commission in Pakistan has not submitted any objection against the project.

Are we with India or are we sleeping while our country’s precious water is stolen? Reports said India issued tenders in connection to the construction of the dam on river Chenab, located in the Kishtawar area of Indian occupied Kashmir. According to reports, Indus Water Treaty Commission Commissioner Mirza Asif Baig said Pakistan has already objected to India’s project which was an open violation of the IWT pact 1960. He said the construction of this dam would severely affect the flow of water in River Chenab.

Pakistan’s agriculture and industry is retrogressing day by day due to lack of water and electricity but our government is not serious about this violation by India. Our government should go to international court to get its right by stopping the construction of the dam. Pakistan can overcome electricity and water crises by utilizing the water of Chenab effectively. Pakistan needs to take this violation seriously and act in UNO. India will have to stop such dams for peace in Asian region.


Islamabad, July 29.