LAHORE - The PML-Q and the disgruntled leaders of PML-N are discussing the unification of various factions of Muslim League under the banner of United Muslim League .

PML-Q president Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain held a meeting with Sardar Zulfiqar Ali Khosa yesterday and agreed to make joint efforts for bringing all factions of Muslim Leagues, sans PML-N, under one umbrella to collect force for change in the system.

Both the leaders say they will soon make a big announcement about their new alliance.

Addressing a joint press conference Ch Shujaat Hussain said the train for forging alliance of Muslim Leagues has set on journey and certainly it would achieve the objective. “Every Muslim Leaguer will be invited to aboard this train.

“The proposed alliance will not only be of the Muslim Leagues but its door will also be open to other political parties.” Shujaat Hussain has been given a task of deliberating with leaders and influential people over establishment of united Muslim League political party.

Hussain, accompanied by different PML-Q members met Khosa at his residence. Dost Muhammad Khosa, Tariq Bashir Cheema, Sardar Maqsood Laghari and others attended the meeting. Further meetings regarding united Muslim League will be held in the federal capital. PML-N’s Ghous Ali Shah will reach Islamabad for the meetings from Karachi.

Earlier, the PML-Q president had made efforts for the cause in Sindh where he met Pir Pagara and Syed Ghaus Ali Shah. Saying he did not believe in fragmented factions of Muslim League , Shujaat had called for a united party that would have all factions.

“The Muslim League was the only hope for Muslims of subcontinent which moved ahead with an ideology to create Pakistan. It can now again become a ray of hope for the people in distress,” Shujaat said.

Khosa said the situation in the country demands immediate improvement in the political system of the country as the existing one has given nothing but deprivations to the poor and the riches to the already rich. “The only way out is revival of the ideology that was cherished by the original Muslim League .”

Alluding to the PML-N, he said it was void of true spirit of the League and revolved around personalities, promoted dynasty and believed in the politics of ‘Muk Mukka’. He claimed that a number of PML-N leaders have contacted him expressing dissatisfied with existing leadership.

Both the leaders agreed to reach all the provinces and Azad Kashmir and Gilgat Biltastan for unification of Muslim Leagues. Replying to a question, they said an important announcement will soon be made about the upcoming by-election and the LB polls.