Almas Fidai is a young Pakistani actress who does not make recurrent appearances on the screen, but through the few plays in which she has performed, she has established herself as highly talented.

Her first telefilm was Tamanna ki Tamanna written by Bushra Ansari in which she performed alongside singer Bilal Khan. Sanam Saeed and Mathira also happened to be the cast members. Since Almas Fidai’s look is unique, Mehreen Jabbar made a hurry to cast her, for in her novel and intelligent productions, Jabbar has a reputation for casting actors on the basis of their capabilities without caring for a slim, smart and sexually appealing figure. Noticing the talent in Fidai, the director chose her for a Gujrati role in her mini comedy series, Coke Kahani. This series was written by the famous playwright, Mohammed Ahmed, who is known for his lighthearted, sweet plays.

After this, Almas Fidai worked under Marina Khan’s direction in drama serial Teri Meri Jodi in which she played the role of Sami Khan’s wife. Teri Meri Jodi was also penned down by Mohammed Ahmed, and the inclusion of Almas Fidai in his second work proved him to be a wise man for whom what matters is the ability to perform instead of inviting people towards glamour.

The duo of Almas Fidai and Mohammed Ahmed did not break after this, but the latter has chosen herself once again, this time for his currently running mystery series Dhund on TV One. This series is being directed by Farrukh Faiz and in each episode, the viewers come across a different story. However, this story in which Almas Fidai plays the leading character has stretched across more than one episode.

Starting in the 7th episode, it is expected to continue in the 8th episode as well. Fidai plays the role of a classical dancer facing a lot of hurdles in its pursuance. It is not known whether she has learnt the dance especially for the play or was already skilled in it, but has proved herself to be the best choice for it. Her dusky beauty renders the dance performances all the more artistic and classical. This is Almas Fidai’s third project with Mohammed Ahmed and like the previous two, seems equally promising. A part of the story has been revealed. Due to an intriguing story line, the second part to be played yet has been made worth waiting for.