ISLAMABAD -  The Pakistan Squash Federation (PSF) has ignored top players Farhan Mehboob and Tayyab Aslam for the World's Men Team Squash Championship 2017 to be held in France from November 26 to December 3 while finalised six players after conducting trials.

The PSF executive committee comprising Qamar Zaman, Jahangir Khan, SVP Air Marshal Shahid Akhtar Alvi, secretary Tahir Sultan, PNSA Director Air Commodore (r) Aftab Ahmed Qureshi and Tahir Khanzada Thursday gave nod of approval to six players including Farhan Zaman, Ammad Fareed, Shahjahan Khan, Asim Khan, Israr Ahmed and Ahsan Ayaz for the said event.

Despite being fully aware of the fact that Pakistan’s premier squash player Farhan Mehboob is not well and he had requested the federation to exempt him from the trials or take his trial later, as the event is more than two months away and it was never witnessed in the past that No 1 players had to go through trials or the trials were conducted so earlier than the scheduled time. But just to settle scores, no one bothered to wait for him and finalized the 6-member squad. Another top player Tayyab Aslam, who was not well, was also left out in the cold.

The question arises here that how many times Qamar Zaman and Jahangir Khan appeared in the trial matches. When in the past, the top players were always exempted from the trials, then why the PSF has been demanding Farhan Mehboob and Farhan Zaman to play trial matches. Why Mehboob’s request of allowing him some time to recover and then take trials was not upheld. It seems the federation is not serious about giving honour and respect to its top players.

The inside sources have confirmed to this scribe that Shahjahan Khan, son of former national champion Zarak Jahan Khan outclassed Farhan Zaman and Israr Ahmed, which left a huge question mark on the training methods of the federation and clear indication that national coach Faheem Gul has miserably failed. Faheem has been using outdated and old methods to train the players. It is not 90s but 2017, so either he must change his old methods or he must be changed by the PSF, which is paying Rs 100,000 monthly salary besides other perks and privileges to him, but his results are highly pathetic.

The time is high when PSF president Air Chief Marshal must act in the best interest of the country and take some bold decision to save Pakistan squash. He should invite real hopes Aamir Atlas, Danish Atlas, asking them to start playing for Pakistan again while he should also take personal interest in resolving the issue of Nasir Iqbal, who was treated very badly by the PSF. Nasir had won laurels for Pakistan many times, but he was not given due respect which he deserved. He was not only stopped from practising in the courts his monthly stipend was also stopped by the PSF. Despite several requests made to help him out in filing the case, he was left high and dry.

When this scribe contacted PSF secretary Tahir Sultan to know why Nasir was given such rough treatment, he said: “The federation will look after him as he is our champion. We are working on a formula and soon he will be given assistance.”

When the PSF secretary was asked Farhan Mehboob’s exemption in the trials, Tahir said: “It is the decision of executive committee not to give exemption to any player from the trials.” When asked why these trails were held so early, as there is still two months time in the mega event, he failed to answer also failed to reply the simple question why the federation is reluctant to take action against flop coach Faheem.

Meanwhile, Tahir confirmed that they got written permission from the PSA allowing the PSF to conduct two events one male $50,000 and one female $25,000 in Islamabad in December this year. "The decision to impose the ban on Pakistan was made after extensive consultation with Sports Risk Management in relation to security issues but the PSA is now satisfied that there are no immediate security concerns, both, a men’s tournament worth $50,000 prize money and a women’s event with $25,000 prize money, are sanctioned in Islamabad in December,” the statement said.