SHIKARPUR - Child sexual abuse cases in Pakistan have increased from nine cases per day in 2017 to 12 cases per day in the first six months of 2018, a report by Sahil states.

The ‘Cruel Numbers Report’ collected data from January to June 2018, which is based on child sexual abuse cases reported in 91 national, regional and local daily newspapers.

The data was compiled by Sahil, an NGO, working on protection of children against violence, was released on Thursday.

Total number of cases reported during last six month are 2,322 including both boys and girls while majority of the cases are reported in the crime category of rape and abduction for sexual purpose respectively. These numbers do not represent the total numbers of such incidents in Pakistan – keeping in mind that such incidents are often under reported. This was said by Barkat Ali Ansari and Irshad Ghanghro, the representatives of Sahil during a press conference.

They further elaborated that a gender split analysis shows that female reported cases of child sexual abuse are more in number than male cases, however, out of total 2,322  children, who were sexually abused 1,024 were boys and 1,298 were girls from them 542 girls and boys kidnapped out of 2,322 victims of abduction. Under the reported cases of rape 381 boys and 360 girls are raped. Besides, numbers of gang rape cases are also very high, 259 children in which 92 were girls and 167 were boys. In this time period, major categories of crimes are abduction, rape and gang rape.

Apart from this, from 2,322 cases, the firts numbers of abusers are acquaintances and number is 1,073 and second major abuser category is strangers which are 251 while rests of the categories are relative, neighbour, female abettor, driver, religious leaders, police men and others.

If we consider age group from 1 to 5 years there are 321 children, 526 children are between 6 to 10 years, 622 children are between 11-15 years, 161 children are 16-18 years and rest of 692 children’s age was not cleared are victimised. Amid the geographical areas, the number of cases was reported from Punjab province with almost 1,515 followed by Sindh where 592 cases took place, 68 cases reported from the federal capital, 69 cases from KP, 55 cases from Balochistan as well besides 21 cases from Azad Jammu Kashmir reported.

The division between urban rural areas has a lot of divergence. This is directly related to the fact that 70 percent of the population lives in rural areas. 26 percent cases are reported from urban areas and 74% cases are reported from rural areas.

From 2,322 cases around 2,077 cases registered at police station while the status of 196 cases was not mentioned and 17 cases were not registered.

Victims of abuse where happen, on them most of case identification was not clear numbers of cases was 961 and second number 566 place was acquaintance and third held  at victims place in the absence of children parents numbers 352, others 124 in field, 124 in street, 28 schools and colleges, 11 work place, 40 jungle and 06 in puchayat.

Given, federal government as well as provincial governments should take notice of the child sexual abuse and play its pivotal role to decrease the child sexual abuse in the country.