MIRPURKHAS - Deputy Commissioner Shehryar Gul Memon visited the main localities and markets of the city on his motorbike without any notification on Friday.

Shehryar visited different shops and purchased different items from local shops and inquired the rates of the common domestic consuming items.

As it went viral, the residents of city and civil society including Shahzado Malik, Muhammad Zubair Khaskheli, Muhammad Ali Kumbhar, Sohail Ujhan and others appreciated and admired efforts of the deputy commissioner and prayed for such abrupt visits of city at on the regular basis as the control of the rates of common domestic commodities be maintained.

The deputy commissioner said that he made the surprise visit after receiving the bundles of complains against demanding the high-rates of common domestic supplies.

He said that those retailers who will try to get overprice and sell substandard common domestic items to the public will face stern action by the district administration adding that he himself purchased common domestic commodities for inquiring the realities. “It is our prime duty to provide the relief to the common people of district,” he added.