OKARA  -  A group of District Council members have threatened to table no-trust motion against the chairman over his discrimination in the provision of development funds at Union Council (UC) level.

A DC session was chaired by Vice Chairman Rao Saad Ajmal Khan in presence of its chairman. The DC carried out 2 unanimous resolutions besides establishing a 4-member committee for the recovery of the rent amount from the lessees of the DC. The meeting carried out unanimous resolution against the govt of Holland as its parliament was patronising the proposed caricature contest. It was carried out in the resolution that the govt of Pakistan must take notice of the situation and an official protest message be conveyed to the Dutch government, United Nations and expel the Dutch ambassador from Pakistan.

The second resolution was also carried out unanimously demanding the PTI-led government of Pakistan not take in hurry any decision to roll back the current local govt bodies in the name of change across of the province as presently the big majority of the LB institutions are headed by pro-PML-N representatives.

The interesting situation arose when Sardar Khalid Rauf Wattoo during his speech said that it was very sorry state of affairs on the part of chairman Malik Ali Abbas Qadir that he had allocated more than Rs10 million in his UC and various amounts for some other UCs chairmen closed to him. However, he added, all the remaining chairmen had been given Rs1.6 million.

Sardar Rauf was also backed by the other members including Mian Akhtar Adlika Wattoo and Ijaz Wattoo. They protested that the discretionary powers would not be used discriminately. Later, Chairman Rao Muhammad Ashraf pointed out that all the lessees/rented shops and other buildings at the District Council stadium were not paying monthly rent for more than a year. After this the VC consulting with the house and formed the committee headed by Rao Muhammad Ashraf Khan to submit a detailed report in the regard and also to take measures for the recovery and required legal action against the defaulters within one month.

Illegal occupants of state land do not deserve any leniency so the dispossessing operation against them would continue with full force, said Deputy Commissioner Rizwan Nazeer.

Presiding over a meeting regarding operation against encroachments in the district, he said action would be taken against them according to the law. However, immediate measures would be taken against such illegal occupants in the cities, towns, villages, public parks, plots for public welfare. He said the state properties are of the public which would be saved from illegal use.

The DC issued orders to all the assistant commissioners of the three tehsils to submit reports regarding the illegal occupants. Later, the DC visited the Govt Colony.