LAHORE   -  PML-N President and Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly Shehbaz Sharif said that inaction of the international community on the Indian atrocities in occupied Kashmir is sad and alarming.

In a statement reported by a TV, he said: “If the international community does not stop the genocide of Kashmiris, it will give them right to take up arms in defence against the oppressive forces. Kashmiri youths, he said, cannot remain silent spectators on the brutal atrocities against the mothers, sisters, daughters and children of the valley.

Shehbaz Sharif asked what kind of message the global community is trying to deliver by maintaining silence? He said that the nation facing genocide is justified to go to any length for survival and defence. “Today, if the international community will not stand to its promises, tomorrow it will not even have the right to lecture anyone” he added.

The Opposition Leader said the oppressed Kashmiris will hold the international community as accomplice in the genocide of innocent Kashmiris if they don’t take any measures to prevent it. Pakistan and Kashmir can’t stay silent on the barbarous acts of India on their brothers and sisters. “Just like West was concerned for Eastern Timor and Southern Sudan, same as that Pakistan is concerned about Kashmiris”, he added.

He further said that while the West is interested in the rights of the Christian population and other nations, Pakistan is interested in the rights of the people of Kashmir and Palestine. “Modi’s oppression is a test of the global community and the civilized world”, he added.

“Modi is playing with the humanity and whole world”.

The PML-N president went on to say that the seeds of cruelty will not blossom the flowers of peace and prosperity in the world. The poisonous fruits of oppression, prejudice and hatred will not be the destiny of the whole humanity which the worldly bodies have to decide if they want to make this world a heaven or hell.

Shehbaz Sharif asserted that the nation that has been sacrificing lives for past 70 years for its freedom can’t be intimidated and suppressed.