LAHORE - The Azad Jammu and Kashmir Minister for Information, IT and Hydel Power Sardar Farooq has appealed to the federal government to rescue the AJK government from financial collapse by releasing its genuine funds. He was addressing the members of Lahore Economic Journalists Association here on Thursday. He said President Asif Ali Zardari in his address to the Azad Jammu Kashmir Assembly had pledged that despite financial constraints there would be no cut in AJK development budget however the Finance Ministry in its latest communication has slapped a 45 per cent cut in the development budget in line with the cuts made in the overall development program. He said the AJK has a very small annual development budget of Rs10.752 billion and Federal government development expenditure of Rs6.39 billion. After the cut the total development expenditure would be reduced to below Rs9.00 billion. He said though the government has cut development budget of other provinces but it has at the same time provided them special development packages worth billions of rupees. He said that discrimination is also being done in case of hydroelectricity profit. He said Punjab and NWFP get hydro electricity profit at the rate of Rs0.70 per unit while the AJK is given only Rs0.17 per unit. He said this discrimination should be removed. He said AJK government want that from now onward the hydroelectric profit should be uniform for all regions where hydro electricity is produced. He regretted that WAPDA did not take AJK government on board while initiating the Neelam Jehlum Hydro Electric Project. However since its early completion is in the interest of Pakistan it has not raised any objection. He said the AJK government simply desire that the environmental issues that this project would create in AJK should addressed. Moreover the diversion of Neelum water would deprive the population of Muzafarabad of drinking water source so provision for at least 20-cusec water daily to the city should be ensured. Sardar Farooq said that the AJK government supports every development project that could benefit Pakistans economy. He said it was with this spirit that it raised no objection to the raising of Mangla Dam. He said that the second generation of now submerged Mirpur City faced another submersion and relocate themselves at some other place. He said AJK supplies more hydro-electricity than it consumes to PEPCO at Rs1.99 per unit. He said the maintenance of transmission lines and collection of electricity bills is the responsibility of AJK government, which it is performing diligently. He said AJK has 5000 MW hydroelectric projects that could be initiated immediately and completed within three years.