QUETTA - The Balochistan National Party (BNP-Mengal) while terming Constitutional Reforms Package as 'April fool has appealed to Baloch people to unite among their ranks and files to defeat establishment and usurpers. Talking to newsmen here on Thursday, BNP Acting President Dr. Janzaib Jamaldini regretted that no change had come in the mindset of Islamabad and so-called democratic rulers of Punjab even after lapse of six decades. 'It is another joke with the people of Balochistan, because we are not struggling for some privileges or little alms, he said and ,added, that neither PPP nor PML-N was serious to address the grievances of Baloch people. He said that the main target of both parties in Constitutional package was to abolish 58(2)b and remove ban on becoming Prime Minister for third time while it had nothing to do with ongoing exploitation of small units. BNP leader said that they had pinned no hope with Constitutional Reforms Package that it would end the alleged excesses with oppressed nations nor it would heal the wounds of Baloch people. 'BNP is struggling for complete control of Baloch on their own coast and resources, he said. Referring to abolishment of concurrent list, BNP leader said that it had lost its importance for the last 35 years and now it was just a tissue paper. 'Abolishment of concurrent list can not be the alternate of solution of problems of different nationalities, he added. He said that hundreds of Balochs did not sacrifice their lives for packages or some privileges. Referring to renaming NWFP, Jamaldini said that BNP had already recognised NWFP as Pakhtoonkhwa and consensus on name of 'Khyber-Pashtoonkhwa by ANP leaders and other parties was either result of any pressure or a part of any deal. Responding to a question, he said that BNP was not struggling for provincial autonomy and those nationalists who believed in provincial autonomy should re-read their manifesto otherwise Baloch would not pardon them. He said that military drive and alleged atrocities of security forces were still continuing in Balochistan and these would not stop until and unless Baloch demonstrate unity against them.