Nearly 80 percent of Canadians support the government's plan to return troops from Afghanistan by the end of next year, a poll published in Toronto Thursday indicates. The Angus Reid online poll of 1,006 adults was conducted March 30-31 after visiting U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton asked Prime Minister Stephen Harper to reconsider the government's plan. Harper declined and 79 percent of respondents said they agreed with the plan, the pollster said in a release from Toronto. However, if Canadian troops were taken out of a combat role in the NATO mission, 54 percent of the respondents said they would support their presence for training and development, the poll indicated. Looking past the end of 2011, 68 percent of respondents said they believe the Afghan government still won't be self-sufficient in defense and national security, the poll said. The poll had a 3.5 percent margin of error, Angus Reid said.