ISLAMABAD Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz, once again, has begun in-house party deliberations to evolve a response regarding the offer made by Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani to the PML-N Chief on Thursday for rejoining the Federal Cabinet. Sources privy to these developments informed TheNation that party had already started deliberations over the PPP overtures for rejoining the Federal Cabinet but did not comment about the potential outcome, saying the matter was premature. However, they were not upbeat about any positive response, saying the PML-N would, first of all, wait for the passage of proposed 18th Constitutional Amendment. Some of them, however, were of the view that the party might want Quaid Nawaz Sahrif to sit in the National Assembly in order to play more effective role of the Opposition. Few were of the opinion that PML-N should not waste time and start preparation for the next general elections to form its own government. It may be recalled here that the PML-N had joined the Federal Cabinet but quit the Cabinet after few months over issue of so-called Murree Accord regarding reinstatement of the judges of superior judiciary. Consequently, working relations between the two major political parties reached the lowest ebb that also led to imposition of governor rule in the Punjab. Both the parties revived their relations soon after reinstatement of the deposed judges and are still sharing power in the Punjab province.