NEW YORK - President Nicolas Sarkozy can order more French troops to Afghanistan to return the favours he got during his US trip, says a New York Times editorial. Sarkozy got nearly everything he could have hoped for from his visit to the United States this week and now he needs to return the favour by significantly increasing French combat strength in Afghanistan, the editorial said. Sarkozys trip came at a time when he needed a boost to his low poll ratings at home. The Times said Sarkozy was welcomed as an old and trusted friend in Washington and he and his wife were treated to a private dinner with US President Barack Obama and his wife, which is sure to play well in Paris. The French visitor also received a presidential promise of a free and fair trans-Atlantic bidding process for the Air Forces new tanker even as Obama avoided any public mention of Frances failure to contribute its fair share of troops to fight a common enemy in Afghanistan. The editorial said when Obama committed 30,000 additional US troops in Afghanistan, he rightly expected significant increases from European NATO members, especially another 1,000 or more troops from France. Instead, Sarkozy offered only 80 more military trainers, when thousands more trainers are needed in that country. Mr. Sarkozy repeatedly declares that he strongly supports the NATO effort in Afghanistan. ... The best way to prove that support would be to send more French combat troops, the editorial said.