LAHORE - Acute shortage of potable water due to unscheduled power outages is causing nuisance for the citizens while a number of inoperative generators installed on tubewells of Water & Sanitation Agency (Wasa) have multiplied their miseries. A large number of people belonging to various areas of the City complained to the authorities concerned of Wasa that their localities were without potable water for last couple of days, which had troubled the residents. Some of them even complained that their localities concerned were rarely being supplied water through tubewells even during the hours of availability of electricity. They further complained that the tubewell operators of some areas refused to use generators during the power cuts hours taking plea that fuel for generators was not available. These tubewell operators also blamed the authorities concerned for not providing fuel for the tubewells despite having funds, they added. However, some tubewell operators of Wasa on the condition of anonymity said that a number of tubewells were inoperative even from the day of their installation. The authorities concerned were not providing fuel for starting such generators. How can we start generators without fuel? But the people ask us to do so and hurl threats of complaining to the higher authorities, they remarked. We have no idea about the availability and allocation of funds with the department for providing fuel for the generators while officers concerned usually say that the department do not have ample funds for purchasing fuel for the generators, they maintained. Wasa MD Javed Iqbal said that the department appointed directors to check and ensure the provision of fuel for the generators where needed. He said that the main objective to empower the directors was to check the theft of fuel by the tubewell operators and other staff. He said that earlier a number of theft incidents were reported which compelled to evolve a mechanism regarding provision of fuel for the generators. Wasa DMD Iqtidar Shah, however, maintained that fuel theft from the generators was not possible, as these generators were equipped with computerised meters, which record working hours as well as oil consumption. Besides, he added, such reading was being recorded in the log books of the department accumulative from the day first of installations. He said that most of the tubewell operators were work-charge employees recruited on political basis only on three months contract, so they were unable to understand such a technical system of the department and their blame regarding supply of fuel for the generators and non-availability of funds was baseless. He said a team of directors and executive engineers was alert round the clock for ensuring supply of fuel for the generators.