Congratulating the nation on presentation of Constitutional Reforms package to the House, Prime Minister Yusuf Raza Gilani Friday urged every citizen to promote nationalism and contribute to nation building. Let it be the time that we the Pakistanis say with pride every where in the world that we are proud to be Pakistanis, he said addressing the National Assembly prior to presentation of the report of the Constitutional Committee to the House. Today is a historic day. Today we have gathered here to mend the follies of the past. Today I feel pleasure to congratulate the Speaker, the Committee, the Parliamentarians and the whole nation, he added. Recalling the time when the Speaker was requested to formulate a Committee to do away with the Constitutional amendments of the dictatorial regime, the Prime Minister said, nobody from outside will come to set our House in order. We committed follies and we are to address them. I appreciate the Committee and the political parties to redress the acts of a dictator who had trampled down the Constitution. If a dictator wears many hats, the democratic set share power to govern, he added. Gilani said, the Reforms will empower provinces and thus the people of Pakistan. It is not empowerment of myself or any other individual but empowerment of this House and the people. He said the representation of political parties in the Committee, the sagacity shown by the members and marathon exercise it dwelt upon, was unprecedented in countrys history. I also congratulate Raza Rabbani and his colleagues who burnt the midnight oil to mend the mistakes of the past in a legal and constitutional effort, Gilani said. He said the Committee sent a message worldover that Pakistani nation is a democratic nation and commitment of its leadership touches the highest pinnacle where they even do not hesitate to lay down their lives for the people as well as sovereignty of the country. When Benazir Bhutto signed Charter of Democracy, she was well aware of the follies of the dictators and believed to redress these follies, he said. He said the recommendations of the Committee will empower the provinces and when the institutions will be fully empowered, there will be good governance and political ownership. Today I feel honored that all the stakeholders are on the same stage either it is the President, the Prime Minister, the government, the Parliament or the opposition, he added. Gilani co-related the NFC Award, Aghaz-e-Huqooq Balochistan and the Committee recommendations, and said, it is a reply to the apprehensions of our critics who have been disillusioned on formation of this Committee. But, now when the provinces will enjoy powers and fruits will trickle down to masses, they will get the reply, he said. The Prime Minister expressed hope to continue with the same spirit of reconciliation and consultation and urged all political forces in the country to unitedly forge ahead for resolving masses problems.