NEW DELHI (AFP) India blames Pakistan-based militants for an attack on its citizens in Kabul in February, a govt source said Thursday, heightening concern about a S Asian proxy war in Afghanistan. The well-placed source, who asked not to be named, alleged the Pakistan-based group Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) was responsible for the attack that killed seven Indians in a gun and bomb assault in Kabul on February 26. The LeT is responsible. We have no doubt about that, the Indian government source told reporters. In a call to AFP last month, an LeT spokesman denied carrying out the February Kabul attacks and said that the group had no network in Afghanistan. The Indian government source alleged on Thursday that the LeT was operating out of Kunar province, northeast of Kabul. Despite the repeated attacks on Indians in Afghanistan, New Delhi remains engaged and committed in Afghanistan, the source, who was authorised to brief reporters on government policy, said. We will be there in Afghanistan as long as the Afghans want us there, he said, pointing to the close historical and cultural links between the two countries. New Delhi, which has repeatedly urged the global community to stay the course in Afghanistan, is worried about Pakistan and the Taliban assuming key roles once foreign troops begin their pullout. Obviously we are concerned about any cut-and-run, the source said, referring to plans by the US-led forces in Afghanistan to start their draw-down from July 2011. The Taliban are emboldened by the international community seeking an early exit, he said. We are also definitely concerned that efforts are on to outsource peace and stability to a country (Pakistan) that is responsible for causing this mess in Afghanistan, the source added. About 4,000 Indians are building roads, sanitation projects and power lines in the volatile country. India is also building the new Afghan parliament.