KARACHI (PR) - The NBP is the most profitable institution in the country and it has given substantial benefits to its employees which includes salary raises upto 200%, promotions to almost every employee, bonuses and loans etc. The bank also is liberal in giving benefits to its retired employees. It has announced 2nd increase in pension in six months time and liberalized their medical benefits. A group of several trade union activists held a protest demonstration before the Karachi Press Club against the alleged corruption in the NBP. Through this publicity they were trying to tarnish the image of NBP as the management had refused to meet their unjust demand for giving 300 employments to their nominees by ignoring merit. These demonstrations are being carried out with vested interests to derail the smooth functioning of the Bank and malign the management in order to force them to meet their unjust demands. NBP announces pension raise Syed Ali Raza, President NBP announced 10 per cent increase in pension to all retired employees and their families. This was stated by him while addressing a get together with retired employees organized by the Banks management at a local hotel. The theme of get together was 'We Always Remember You. This is second pension increase within six month time, the NBP allowed to its pensioners. The earlier increase was 20% announced by the bank effective from July 2009. This 10% increase in pension will benefit about 8000 retire employee/ families and at least 2500 employee/families will benefit from the minimum increase of Rs. 2,000.