CANCUN (Online) - Seeking a favourable decision by India to join the much-discussed gas pipeline from Iran, Pakistan Thursday said it would guarantee safety of the pipeline and might give New Delhi an equity stake in the section passing through its territory as an additional surety of safe delivery of the fuel. With New Delhi boycotting formal talks for almost three years, Iran and Pakistan last month signed a series of agreements for implementing the project on bilateral basis. Islamabad insists the agreements have 'in-built mechanism to accommodate India should it decide to join the project. We (the State of Pakistan) will stand guarantee for safe delivery of gas (at Pak-India border), Mohammed Chaudhry Ejaz, Additional Secretary Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources, told PTI in an interview in the Mexican city. Of the 1,035km long pipeline in Pakistan, only around 100km would be exclusively for carrying gas to India while the rest would be transporting fuel for both Pakistan and India. We have up to nine hours of power outages and we need Iranian gas to bridge this rising deficit. It is in our interest that the pipeline is safe and we get the gas to generate power and fuel industries, he said. India was widely believed to have decided not to pursue the project after the 26/11 terror attacks in Mumbai with apprehensions being expressed about terrorists taking over the pipeline to press their demands and even cutting supplies by blowing it up to hurt the interest of worlds second fastest growing economy. New Delhi, however, has not officially called it quits yet and is proposing talks with Iran to sort out impediments. It wants to take custody of gas, triggering payments for the fuel, only at Pakistan-India border to make Iran explicitly responsible for safe passage of gas through Pakistan. Also, it wants gas utility GAIL (India) to take a stake in the 1,035km pipeline section in Pakistan to make the project bankable, reduce the financing cost, ensure timely execution and ensure transparent and efficient management of the operations. Yes, we will more than welcome India to join the project length in Pakistan, Ejaz said when asked if Islamabad was open to India taking stake. He said Pakistan in July 2009 signed a Gas Sale and Purchase Agreement and in March signed among other pacts a Gas Transportation Agreement, providing internationally acceptable transit arrangement for gas to be supplied to India.