LAHORE (APP) - PASSCO will purchase 1.6 million metric tons wheat worth Rs 42 billion direct from growers without involvement of middleman. Managing Director, PASSCO, Maj.Gen Saeed Anwar Khan said in an interview with APP here Thursday said that PASSCO will start procurement drive from April 20 which will continue till achieving the target. He said, 175 purchase centres in Punjab and 12 in Sindh province have been established and the number can be increased as when required. He said all special vigilance teams and General Manger Field, have been directed to check the overall performance of all procurement centres and submit report daily. Wheat procurement will start daily from 7.00 a.m to 7.00 p.m without break, even on holidays, he said. As per past practice, gunny bags will only be distributed to the farmers on personal surety. General Saeed Anwar Khan said that Divisional teams will also supervise transparent wheat procurement at each centre to ensure a fair deal to the growers. He said that for the convenience of the growers, a mobile telephone number will again be re-activated to redress thier grievances on the spot and take to task corrupt and inefficient officials.