LAHORE - The Lahore High Court Thursday dismissed a writ petition against ban on kite-flying under Punjab Prohibition of Kite Flying (Amendment) Act, 2009. The petition was filed by Javaid Iqbal and others through their counsel Khalid Zafar advocate. The counsel argued that Kite Flying Ordinance, 2007 reinforced as Punjab Prohibition of Kite Flying (Amendment) Act, 2009, was against constitution and had many legal loopholes. He said the word kite by itself was used many times in the impugned Ordinance, however, the same was not defined anywhere in the said law. Khalid pleaded that a kite was a combination of art and geometry made of bamboo and paper and hence a kite in itself cannot cause a threat to life and property of any person. Therefore, it was unjust to put ban on manufacturing and sale of kites. Furthermore, the manufacturers of kites were basically poor people and ban on manufacturing and sale of kites had literally put the manufacturers to starve. The counsel maintained that the ban on kite flying was void above said Ordinance and against fundamental rights of the petitioners available in Constitution. However the court dismissed the petition observing that many identical petitions had already been dismissed by apex court.