ISLAMABAD The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is facing immense political pressure, as some influential politicians have been time-to-time contacting the Authoritys high-ups and showing their interest to purchase land in the Margalla Hills National Park area. During the background discussions with the well-informed officials of the Authority, they revealed that after a wave of pressure from the property moguls, now the CDA seemed helpless before the landlord-politicians who were out to purchase land in the said area. Earlier, a property tycoon had also made an amazing lucrative announcement that he could pay all the debts of the country if the Govt would sale some parts of the MHNP area to him, an official added. He revealed that the different politicians in recent months had contacted the Authoritys high-ups for the same cause, however, he added that due to various departments surveillance upon the affairs of the MHNP area, including Pak-EPA, Ministry of Environment, non-governmental organisations like Margalla Hills Society etc, it was next to impossible to sell out plots in the area to someone. The MHNP spread over an area of about 15,800 hectares, which is situated on the northern, eastern and western sides of the Federal Capital. It includes the Margalla Hills, Rawal Lake and Shakar Parian and was given the status of a national park in 1980, after the Govt recognised the growing threat to its flora and fauna. Despite being awarded the status of a national park, the MHNP continues to face a number of environmental problems, including illegal encroachments, stone quarries, forest fires, wood cutting, poaching, misuse of the natural resources and other problems such as littering and water pollution arising from tourism, an official from the Environment Directorate of CDA added. It was also learnt that a Parliamentarian, who purchased land measuring 20 'marlas near Pir Sohawa some four years ago, had also succeeded to construct his huge bungalow there. Now he has been offering the other Parliamentarians to follow him to destroy the natural beauty of the area by terming the area as best for living. However, a top official of the concerned department of the CDA said that whatsoever happened in the past was the past story, but now the Authority while the following the vision of the incumbent Chairman would timely foil any such construction activity in the area. According to the official record of the CDA, MHNP area is enriched with 616 species of plants, 250 of birds, 38 of mammals and 13 species of reptiles. Planned construction projects in the popular hilly areas of the Margalla Hills National Park have already badly affect the natural character of the environment, which is one of the main features of the Capital. The threat of stone crushing has been minimised to a great extent after a consistent struggle but 'anti-environment forces would continue to give a tough time to the environment-loving people of the city, an environmentalist added.