LAHORE - The special traffic plan failed completely, as thousands of vehicles including a couple of ambulances stuck on the most imperative arteries of the City creating huge public nuisance on Thursday. The students of secondary classes were the most effected by the traffic suspension, as they could not reach their exam centers. Reportedly two students of 9th class tore their Roll No slips into pieces on the spot when some police officers stopped them for checking due to the presence of Abdullah Gul in the City. A student also threatened police officers of committing suicide in front of the Governor's House if he was not able to appear in the paper. As per the DIG official communiqu issued on Wednesday, the traffic would have to be suspended to relevant roads just for few minutes which he added would be restored soon after the VVIP movement, meanwhile the traffic was to be diverted to the alternative routes. But the traffic remained suspended from 9:00am to 1:00 noon and from 4:00pm to 10:00pm at Old Airport, Church Chowk, Afshan Chowk, Mall Road, PMG Chowk, Data Darbar, Azadi Chowk, Badshahi Chowk to Sherpao Bridge, Jail Road, Shadman Chowk, Governor's House, Avari Chowk, Shimla Pehari, Railway Station, Aik Moria Pul, Masti Gate, Qurtaba Chowk, Lytton Road, Jain Mander, MAO College, Civil Secretariat and Bhatti Chowk. However, major roads of the City were decorated to welcome the Turkish president warmly.