Jarod Kintz a famous writer once said “politicians are like warts on the body of society and the only things worse than warts, are lawyers and lobbyists”. Lawyers were supposed to be the advocators of truth and justice. That paradigm has changed in our country, where the lawyer is now the biggest liar and his job is to get the criminal of the hook!

Recent violence and scuffle between lawyers, policemen and the poor are seen on the news every day. Our lawyers do not hesitate to humiliate and beat up even judges. Blackmailing, deceiving and terrorising have replaced honesty and integrity which was synonym with this once honourable profession. A case that can be decided in a week is lingered on for decades. A father starts a case and the coming generations are still visiting the courts. There is no semblance of justice in Pakistani courts anymore.

It seems as if ethics and religion as well as moral values have completely been discarded at the cost of mercenary gain by these vultures. They hound the downtrodden and snatch the last piece of bread from a child. I wonder what happened. Materialism is fine but not at the cost of compromising your life in this world and the next!


Jhang, March 31.