I would like to draw the attention on Work Place politics. This is very common Phenomenon in the whole World. But in recent years leg-pulling has become a trend. Employees do this to attain the gratitude from their seniors. Sometime employees’ politics in the organization not only destroys the image of that organization as well as the personality of the individuals too.

Although organizations are the places where people can learn new things. But unjustifiable behavior of their colleague demotivates them. This affects their work. They cannot perform their duties well.

When new comers face problem to handle the situation created by their seniors, they are forced not to discuss it with the high authority. They think individuals are machines who can work continuously for 8-9 hours without talking to others. This increases the stress level of employees.

So it’s my humble request to the concerned authorities that they should make a complain cell in the offices. Where People could voice their concerns on the basis of equality. Government should make some law regarding office Politics. And take action against those organizations who are talking about equal opportunities but not strictly follow this rule.


Islamabad, March 3.