The 19th World Festival of Youth & Students 2017 held in Southern City of Russia, biggest youth and student gathering across the globe, managed to attract 30,000 participants from 150+ countries. The primary object of the festival was bringing together youth from different ethnic, linguistic and cultural background to discuss various issues from climatic change and global warming to terrorism and come up with a solution to tackle these issues using their collective wisdom. In addition, the festival was graced by the Russian Federation’s President Vladimir Putin, who took part in different discussions pertaining the issues mentioned above. A delegation from Pakistan took part in the festival for the first time that included Chairman Global Youth Clan Tahir Khattak , GYC Members Waqas Younas Khan and Sakhi Mansoor, who took active part in the event with an intent to address different queries and preconceived ideas about Pakistan as well as disseminate the soft image of Pakistan. Furthermore, they interacted with Afghan and Indian delegation and arranged a sitting, it was success from the get go, to discuss the core issues of the three countries. To sum it up, the government of Pakistan should encourage and sponsor youth to participate in international events which serve as a medium to highlight the positive side of Pakistan.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 4, 2017