By Faizan Javed

An exhibition of illustrations Islamic Arms & Armour of Muslim India by Abdul Salim was held at Lahore Arts Council. More than 30 illustrations were selected for the purpose of the exhibition. They were drawn in the eighties of the last century by the illustrator Abdul Salim after an extensive academics research of Dr Zafar Haiders monumental Book.

The leadership of Abdul Salim reflects a constant effort to excel. From his birth in Delhi in 1934 to the pangs of migration in 1947 to his pioneering of digital painting in Pakistan, every step has been immense hard work and progression. Educated at Lahore’s prestigious Mayo school of Arts, now national college of Arts, Abdul Salim launched his career for the reputed US publisher Silver Burdett Company illustrating history books, an assignment spread over years. From this he progressed to work for Pakistan’s finest advertising to become a leading graphic artist.

Besides being the pioneer of digital painting in Pakistan, Abdul Salim is a recognized calligrapher, excelling in geometric pattern and a brilliant illustrator.

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 25, 2017