Lahore - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has strongly condemned Indian atrocities unleashed on innocent Kashmiris in recent days that resulted in martyrdom of 17 people in the held valley.

In a statement issued here Sunday, the CM said: “The worst human rights violations over the decades have exposed the real face of India that claims to be the largest democracy in the world. The real democracies listen to the voices of their people, and protect their fundamental rights.”

Shehbaz said the exemplary sacrifices rendered by Kashmiris in their unrelenting struggle for self-determination, duly sanctioned by the UN resolutions, have chronicled a glorious chapter of bravery, courage and determination in the pursuit of their mission.

He said India has always tried to hoodwink the international community by seeking to describe the indigenous freedom movement as inspired externally while the Kashmiris called it hoax and exposed the reality of its designs through the exercise of their democratic right of peaceful protest.

The CM continued: “A movement, which is rooted in the heart and soul of people and represent their aspirations and a struggle for self-assertion and identity, cannot be crushed by force. This new phase in the Kashmiris’ struggle for right to self-determination is inspired by the legendary valour of Buhran Wani. His heroic sacrifice and an incredible story of resistance against one of the mightiest armies galvanised the Kashmiris.

“India can use pellet guns to deprive the Kashmiris of their eyes but it cannot deprive them of their dreams. Its brutal forces can eliminate them physically but they cannot eliminate the idea of freedom that resides in their hearts.”

He asked the international community to take notice of Indian atrocities, saying: “The implications of silence on the gross human rights violations in the held Kashmir are grave for peace and stability in the nuclearised South Asia.” He said that the government and the people of Pakistan will continue to extend their diplomatic, moral and political support to the Kashmiris.


Staff Reporter from Islamabad adds: Pakistan People’s Party Co-chairman Asif Ali Zardari on Sunday strongly condemned the latest killing of innocent Kashmiri youth by Indian forces and demanded that the United Nations take notice of the bloodshed.

In a statement, he said that India was violating human rights in Kashmir for a long time which was a violation of the UN Charter. 

Zardari said that the voice of the Kashmiri people will not be silenced and the PPP will continue to support the just cause of Kashmir through diplomatic and moral means.

Meanwhile, PPP Information Secretary Dr Nafisa Shah said that those who supported dictatorship for decades were now trying to appear as the champion of democracy. 

In response to Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal’s statements, she asked why he did not identify the ‘conspirators’.

Dr Shah alleged that former prime minister Nawaz Sharif had been a conspirator so who would conspire against him? 

“When Yusuf Raza Gilani was the prime minister, Sharif used to tell him to respect the court's decision but now he is doing the exact opposite,” she said.