The 2nd gala fund raising show for hearing impaired and deaf by National Special Education Centre in collaboration with Lahore Arts Council was held at Alhamra on Friday. 

The main objective of the event was to present music and rhythm of life to those hard of hearing and deaf and suffering from all types of hearing loss.

The show opened up with the performance of renowned guitarist Sajjad Tafu who played national anthem with his guitar and mesmerized the audience with his power pack performance.

Twenty students from National Special Education Centre and Shalimar Special Education Centre performed on the song ‘Afreen Afreen’ and won the hearts of the audience.

The students included Sherbano, Ayesha Hamid, Hajra, Mariyam Yameen, Zainab.  

Veteran actor Masood Akhtar said, “I can feel it bitterly what sort of problem they have to face with this deficiency because I have worked with such children . I will try my level best to provide them maximum resources and build a hospital for them,” he said.  

General Sectary Shalimar Special Education Centre Ali Bhatti said, “I have been teaching these special children for 20 years.  It is very rare that deaf children get the chance to work together with professional musicians. The dilemma with our media channels is there are a lot of games show entertaining audience but none for such children ,” he said.

Organiser of the event Mueed Farrukh said, “Our aim is to carry hard of hearing and deaf society together on one platform to make amazing music and vibrations. Music is a universal language and will continue to be for a long time,” he said.

Sajjad Tafu said, “We have organised this music event for special children . I have observed that deaf people are able to sense vibrations in the same part of the brain that others use for hearing,” he said.  

Published in Young Nation Magazine on November 18, 2017