Police have recovered a Lahore-based child from the Wapda Colony of Guddu Barrage, some 95 kilometres from here, and took no action to arrest the kidnappers who were present in the colony.

Four-year-old Sohail was kidnapped for ransom from Lahore city some days back and the kidnappers had demanded Rs4 million for his release. In the Monday night, a police party from Lahore arrived at Sadiqabad and requested the local police for coordination. ASP Sadiqabad Zeshan Shafiq Siddiqi sent police force with the Lahore police. The joint raiding part tracked the location through mobile phone of kidnappers that was the Wapda Colony.

The police party surrounded the colony from every side and found Sohail alone on a street of the colony and took him back without arresting the kidnappers who were in the colony. PRO RYK police Arshad Nawaz told The Nation that the objective of Lahore police was recovery of kidnapped child and local police provided them coordination only. It was the duty of Lahore police to arrest the kidnappers.