LAHORE - In order to take more effective action against power theft, Lesco has started a survey to get latest and updated data of its consumers especially industrial, commercial and large domestic consumers.

Under this survey, the teams will update the data of consumers such as sanctioned and present load, status of meter and etc. By law every consumer is bound to notify Lesco about increase in its load but unfortunately the law is not followed. This is one of the biggest reasons for inaccurate load management plans because sanctioned load of consumers is different from what they are originally using.

All superintending engineers (SE) and Executive Engineers (XEN) are involved in this activity to carrying out this survey in their respective jurisdictions, a senior LESCO official said adding the practice once completed would give the company true picture of its consumers.

On the other hand, Lesco continued its anti-power theft campaign and recovered around Rs110 million from over 284 power pilferers.

Available data of anti-power theft campaign revealed that so far most power pilferage was detected in northern circle (Badami Bagh, Ravi Road and etc localities) where Lesco officials detected 135 cases, registered 10 FIRs and 23170 units were billed to power thieves. Second was the Central Circle (Iqbal Town and etc) where officials detected 21 cases, registered 8 FIRs and 27281 units were billed to power thieves. Third was Eastern Circle (Shadman and etc) where 11 cases were detected, 5 FIRs were lodged and 2240 units were billed. Though the Southern Circle (Defence) remained lowest in numbers of power theft incidents but it stood first in recovery of stolen units. Here only 6 cases were detected but the units billed to those thieves were 141,378. Lesco officials revealed that 9 to 10 MW electricity has been so far saved from the anti-theft campaign.