LAHORE: o review the women and children nutrition situation in the province, the NUR Center for Research and Policy (NCRP) held a seminar with the Punjab Health Sector Reform Program, Technical Working Group and the Unicef, a press release upholds.

The seminar was attended by the Health Department officials, academia, researchers and other professionals with the purpose to formulate their recommendations for the development strategies. It was discussed in the seminar that the National Nutrition Survey 2011 reported high percentage of anemia and other deficiencies among women and children along with a high prevalence of food insecurity. The situation has remained fixed over the last 3 decades and there have been no institutionalised programme to address the problems, the seminar remarked. The seminar observed the poor nutrition, respiratory infections, diarrhea and measles; all are responsible for reducing the intellectual and physical development of children. These results in loss of contribution potential to productivity and economic growth of the province, the attendants maintained. The seminar participants urged effective strategy development to address the situation and discussed recommendations for the multi-sectoral nutrition strategy.–Staff Reporter