ISLAMABAD - Actions speaks louder than words, Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) interim chairman Najam Sethi has once again made it clear that he is not interested in becoming the permanent PCB head, but the ground reality is quite different.

Sethi has approached almost all the regional heads and asked them to sign on a blank paper as he would make the PCB constitution but majority of regional heads refused to sign without going through the document.

If Sethi is not interested in becoming the PCB head, then why he is taking so much interest in the PCB affairs. The reason is quite simple that Sethi is fully aware of the importance of this powerful seat, which although is an honourary, but in reality, chairman enjoys all the limelight and he is the one who dictates terms and conditions, selection committee, board of directors and regional heads can't even think about going against him.

Talking to this scribe, at least three regional heads on condition of anonymity have confirmed that Sethi has talked them about singing a blank paper. “Majority of us didn't agree with his argument and said we would first read out the document then we would sign, on that Sethi was left with no other option but to wait and see the policy.”

At the one hand, Sethi is in so much hurry for becoming the PCB chairman while on the other hand, he has clearly said on number of occasions in his different talk shows on a private channel that he was not interested in chairmanship.

PCB TV rights are about to be auctioned through a bid and a private channel is long eyeing on that lucrative and mouth-watering rights deal. Last time this group missed that rights and this time they are not in a mood to miss out again multi billion rupees seven-year deal. Although the PCB stressing that the entire biding process would be conducted in a transparent manner, but many had serious doubts about the credibility of the biding process to be conducted in a transparent way.

Sethi is also facing cases in Islamabad High Court (IHC) filed by Pakistan Army cricket coach Major (R) Nadeem Suddle, in which Nadeem had leveled some serious allegations on the appointment of Sethi as an interim PCB chairman.

Talking exclusively with The Nation on Thursday, Maj Nadeem said: “Najam Sethi is a non-professional, non-cricketing and above all a very corrupt person. Tax fraud of Rs 10 million is already underway against him and he had many hidden properties. He had never paid actual taxes so it is quite astonishing that how a person who doesn't fulfill article 62/63 was appointed as caretaker chief minister. Sethi should not remain as interim PCB chairman and should be thrown out without wasting any further time, otherwise Pakistan cricket will suffer and it is the reputation of the country, which is at stake.”