The Sialkot industrialists and exporters have strongly protested against inflated electricity bills issued by Gepco Subdivision Model Town showing excessive units.

Expressing grave concern over the situation, the former chairman of Pakistan Gloves Manufacturers and Exporters Association, Muhammad Anwar Butt told the newsmen that the Gepco Subdivision had issued him electricity bill showing 1,780 units consumed at his house during the month of July 2013. He added that he had only three-member family and the consumption of 1,780 units in one month was out of sense. He also mentioned that it was also on the record that there was daily 20 to 22 hours worst loadshedding of electricity in Sialkot city during the months April, May and June 2013 and 16 to 18 hours loadshedding in July 2013 thus there was no justification of consumption of 1,780 units in his house in a month.

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He said that he contacted with the officials concerned for correction of the bills, but they remained unable to correct it. He claimed that the Subdivision had been issuing him the inflated for the last three consecutive years but he remained unable to get any relief by Gepco in this matter.

He revealed that the Subdivision often distributed bills of electricity just a day or two before the due date of payment and the practice was also irking the consumers. He urged Gujranwala Region Gepco Chief Executive to take a serious notice of the inflated bills for providing relief to the perturbed consumers.