PESHAWAR    -   People from different walks of life criticised government for repeated hike in the prices of petroleum products and warned the government to stop atrocities against poverty hit masses. Sultan Khan, a resident of Peshawar told The Nation that they are not expecting any change in the plight of the poor and they demand immediate resignation of Prime Minister Imran Khan to get rid of his incompetent leadership.He said that PTI government has broken all records of inflation in the country as the prices of petroleum had now reached record high in the history of the country. Hayatur Rahman who is earning Rs400 a day told that they were now disappointed that why they voted PTI whose leader told historical lies of constructing five million houses in the country. He said that they are not demanding houses but want meal twice a day, which he was snatching from the poor. “What kind of government is this where the 10 to 15 percent increase is being made in the prices of petroleum products? The way he is ruling has lost public sympathies and it is impossible to reverse this inflation in last four years of his government,” he remarked.Qamar-ul-Islam, a medicine supplier told The Nation that they have been forced to leave the country and settle in another place because of price hike. He said that PTI has washed away their dreams and has started targeting the poor, which will have devastating impact on the law and order situation. He said that 100 percent increase had been witnessed in street crime and narcotics smuggling as the people have no other. He went on to say that Imran Khan had made tall claims that he would change the life of common people but instead of that he has ruined the life of common people. H  did not even spare the prices of sugar, oil and flour. He demanded that if the prime minister

and his seasonal cabinet members did not reduce the prices then they would decide their future line of action. He demanded of the prime minister to immediately release subsidy for medicines and flour mills to control the prices.Asad Khan, a daily wager, also expressed severe disappointment over the high rate of inflation and repeated hike in the prices of petroleum products. He said that every day is worse than the previous and no one should expect any change from this cruel government. He said that with Rs600 per day income, how could he manage daily expenses with inflated electricity and gas bills. Besides, common people even pilgrims in Peshawar Haji camp have cursed Prime Minister and his team for inflated prices and lack of facilities for Haji camp Hayatabad Peshawar.