ISLAMABAD - Pakistan National Council of the Arts will be presenting a special puppet show on Friday in regard with independence celebration titled ‘Story of Pakistan’ reflecting the journey of independence and historical back ground of the region. The show would go back to the age of ancient civilization starting from Mehargarh and the progress through time to the great Mughals, arrival of British, war of Independence in 1857 till the end of the journey with the creation of Pakistan. The organizers made sure that the show would capture the audience attention with blends of music, dance, dialogues and narrations with information and entertainment. This show was being arranged by puppeteers working with rod puppets while story was being presented on 2nd, 5th and 8th of August 5pm.

 at National Puppet theatre hall Rawalpindi and later on at PNCA auditorium Islamabad.

PNCA has been serving the masses as an academy of various art forms where the people of every age can have informative entertainment as well as got a taste of the skills introduced by the masters in different fields.