LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Mian Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the shortage of electricity is the biggest problem of the country and govt is taking steps on emergent basis for resolving this problem.

He said that revolutionary measures are being taken for the welfare of the masses which include issuing Khidmat Card and setting up of Punjab Rozgar Bank for providing job opportunities to the youth.

He said that credit goes to the present government that that no corruption scandal has come to the fore during its five-month tenure.

He said that people will feel relief during the next two and half years due to the steps taken by the government and the elements involved in price-hike, hoarding and profiteering will be behind the bars.

Talking to a private TV channel, the Chief Minister said that Pakistan is rich in resources but it is looking for aid and it is need of the hour that indigenous resources should be developed for achieving self-sufficiency.

He said it is lamentable that Nandipur power project remained pending for two and a half years during the tenure of the former rulers which was a criminal negligence. However, he said that present government immediately after coming into power revived this project and 98 per cent of its machinery has reached Nandipur. He said that work is being carried out speedily on this project and its first turbine will start operating from the beginning of the next year due to which 100 to 150MW electricity will be included in the national grid.

He said that he is adhering to his promise regarding accountability as indiscriminate action should be taken against those who have looted national resources.

He said that the present leadership served the masses during its last tenure and even greater steps will be taken for the welfare and betterment of the people in future. He said that metro bus project was completed.

He said that Khidmat Card is being launched which will benefit 13 lakh families while interest free loans will be provided to the educated youth through Punjab Rozgar Bank for setting up their business. He said that agreements have been signed with several countries to cope with the energy problem and these projects include hydel, solar, coal, biogas and biomass projects.

The Chief Minister said that PTI on the one hand is protesting against drone attacks while on the other hand it is receiving foreign aid which is a contradiction. He said that PML-N leadership renounced such foreign aid in May, 2011.

He said that the elements involved in plundering of national resources deserve no leniency and the government launched indiscriminate action against gas and electricity thieves.

Replying to a question about increase in power tariff, he said that the consumers using upto 200 units are being given a subsidy of 155 billion rupees while those consuming from 200 to 300 units are being given a subsidy of 8.5 billion rupees.

He said that the present government has also paid circular debt of 500 billion rupees. He said that the goal of progress and prosperity will be achieved and a bright future of the nation will be ensured.

He that law and order situation will be improved and a positive change will be witnessed in Thana culture.