ISLAMABAD : Economist Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed has said that Pakistan and China should practically implement Pak-China corridor. Talking to Radio Pakistan, Dr. Amjad said that Pak-China economic corridor is the most significant project as it would usher in a new era of economic progress and prosperity for both countries. He said that this corridor has great importance in the perspective of employment, export, economy and industry.  He said economic corridor offers bright future to Pakistan and China and investors of both countries should take advantage of this opportunity for make investment and start joint ventures. 

He said that Pakistan has given the contract of Gwadar port to China in order to facilitate its trade.  He said that exports are very low as compared to some small countries of the world.

He emphasized that Pakistan should continue to work to materialize this corridor despite several problems in Pakistan.  He stressed that entrepreneurs of both countries should meet frequently to explore all avenues of bilateral cooperation and strengthen commercial relations.