LONDON-When the Duchess of Cambridge was photographed with streaks of grey in her usually immaculate tresses, she decided it was high time to invest in some serious post-pregnancy styling. She booked an emergency appointment at the most expensive hairdresser in the country, then spent a marathon six hours being coiffed, coloured and blow-dried to ensure she was restored to her status as yummy mummy in chief.

The Mail on Sunday has been told Kate spent more than half a day at the luxurious Rossano Ferretti hair spa in central London where a haircut with Italian-born Mr Ferretti costs £600. The 31-year-old Duchess arrived shortly after midday in a car with blacked-out windows and was whisked up to the VIP club suite on the third floor where she had her hair attended to in complete privacy by one of the salon’s leading colour technicians.

Staff were told that ‘a VIP was in residence’ and lift access was shut off to make sure there were no interruptions. When she eventually emerged at 6pm, the Duchess was back to her former self - her crowning glory restored to a mass of tumbling chestnut-coloured curls. One witness who saw Kate leave said: ‘She looked amazing. She was dressed in a tartan cape and was made up. Her hair looked fabulous, really big and glossy, and it was flowing around her shoulders.’

It was Kate’s first opportunity Kate to indulge in some pampering since the birth of Prince George. Because she has been breastfeeding, she has spent most of her time at home with her son lately and her hair and beauty regime has understandably not been a priority.