Consumers held a protest as the cashier of Kutchehry Post Office Wazirabad embezzled some Rs1 million paid in the shape of utility bills, and managed to escape.

The consumers of electricity, gas and telephone had deposited their utility bills within due dates in the Post Office.

Huge money was also remitted in money order and other heads. The deposited money could not be transferred to the relevant departments by Muhammad Riaz, the cashier. He stamped the bills as paid and issued receipts to the consumers.

When the institutions received no money, they included the paid amounts as arrears in the next bills. The consumers presented the paid bill to the relevant departments but they demanded stamped part of the bills. The depositors contacted the post office and found that the cashier, after embezzling the amount has disappeared.

 As a result, they protested and contacted the post master of main Post Office of Wazirabad. He sent Muhammad Ilyas Cheema to look into the matter. The officer held record into custody for thorough checking and said that the relevant departments might have contacted the post office when received no cash from that side. "We are looking into the matter, checking the record and will handle it according to the law," he said. On the other hand, the victims held the Post Office responsible for the fraud.