ROME - Former Italian motorcycle racer Doriano Romboni died on Saturday following an accident at an event in memory of his late countryman Mario Simoncelli, the Italian news agency ANSA reported. The 44-year-old crashed during a training session and was struck by another motorcycle, an accident similar to the one that killed Simoncelli, at the Malaysian Grand Prix two years ago. Romboni, who won six motorcycling races between 1989 and 1998, died after being transferred to hospital. Romboni competed as an Aprilia rider in the 500cc category that is now MotoGP and was a race winner in the 125cc and 250cc categories. Organisers of “SicDay” in memory of Simoncelli, whose nickname was ‘Sic’, said that the charity event at the Sagittario circuit in Latina, near Rome, would continue as planned.–AFP