BAJAUR AGENCY - Tribesmen of Salarzai tribe of Bajaur Agency Sunday assured the local administration of their full support for maintaining peace and writ of the government in the agency and vowed to step up its efforts for the elimination of anti-social elements.

The elders and leaders of peace committees of Salarzai tehsil made this assurance after a jirga with senior officials of political administration held at Ragagan area. The political Agent of the agency Syed Abdul Jabar Shah, Member of National assembly Shahabuddin Khan, tribal elders and members of local peace committees of different sub tribes of the region and senior officials of the administration attended the jirga.

Issues related to law and order situation, militancy in the area and works on development projects came under discussion. MNA Shahabuddin Khan briefed the jirga about the current law and order situation and ongoing activities by the tribesmen for maintaining peace and writ of the government in their area. The political administration expressed satisfaction over the performance of tribal elders for peace.

The political agent on this occasion asked the elders to continue its efforts for maintaining peace in the area because the militants living across the border were still a threat to the peace in the region. “Though the administration and the people of the entire agency praise the tribesmen of Salarzai tribe for its showing outstanding efforts and rendered unforgettable sacrifices for the agency’s larger interest, it doesn’t mean the issue of militancy in the area has finished forever because the elements, which are a serious threat to peace in the region are still present at the borders areas,” he said.

The political agent claimed that his administration knows the problems and difficulties of the tribesmen of the area and said that all possible means are being used for the provision of basic and modern civic facilities to them. He said that mega development projects in different areas of tehsil Salarzai would be launched soon which will help improve the life standard of the tribesmen.

On the occasion the elders assured the political agent of their full support and said that the tribesmen of the Salarzai tribe were peace-loving, committed and patriotic and their loyalty to the motherland is beyond any doubt. “We know the situation very well and are ready to face any challenge in the area because we have a lot of experience in fighting with the Taliban militants,” they added.