LAHORE - A 10-member delegation from Saudi Arabia, including some members of the royal family, arrived here in Lahore Sunday evening.

No official word was available about purpose of their visit. But given the composition of the delegation, which includes a senior official of the Saudi Border Security Force, it could be assumed that security related issues would come under discussion with Pakistani authorities.

Immigration officials confirmed that the Saudi team arrived directly from Riyadh on a private plane and was given protocol and security by Punjab Rangers and protocol wing of the Punjab government. Rangers DG Maj-Gen Khan Tahir Javid Khan himself was there to receive the guests at old Lahore Airport.

As per sources, the members of the delegation, also including some ladies, are scheduled to have meetings with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, besides senior officials of the Pakistan Rangers which provided them security upon their arrival at the airport.

All members of the delegation are staying at a local hotel under tight security. No senior official of Punjab Rangers and Punjab government was available to share details about this visit.