The Supreme Court of Pakistan on Monday extended the deadline by 24 hours and ordered the authorities to produce missing persons Tuesday.

The court ordered the defense secretary to appear himself along with the undeclared detainees before the court.

It also directed to submit report of FIR against those responsible for the death of two missing persons in custody.

An inquiry against the officer, who wrote a letter to remove additional attorney general from the case, should also be initiated, the court added in its ruling.

A three-member bench of apex court, headed by Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, heard the case pertaining to the missing persons.

During the course of proceedings, the defense secretary submitted a report over the non-recovery of missing persons.

According to report, two of the missing persons died in custody while efforts were being made to recover the other 33 persons.

The chief justice remarked that the defense secretary should comply with court orders instead of providing such statements.

The chief justice ordered to produce report of undeclared detainees in all internment centres.

Additional defense secretary said two of the men died in an internment centre of Lakki Marwat. On which, the chief justice asked to register case against those responsible for their death.

Earlier, Attorney General of Pakistan Munir A Malik informed the Supreme Court (SC) that two of the missing persons died in custody

The attorney general informed the bench that one of the deceased died in December 2012 and the other in July 2013. He also revealed that Defence Minister Khawaja Asif had told him about the deaths of the missing persons Sunday night.

The CJP inquired as to how two missing persons died. He observed that the deaths are extra-judicial, and ordered arrest of internment center authorities and filing of case against them. The CJP directed the authorities to produce remaining missing persons immediately and hand over the bodies to the heirs.

“Close down the detention centers if the detainees are to be killed in such a way… The government has also kept a mum in this issue and demonstrating non-cooperation,” the chief justice observed.

The chief justice said that the deaths of these two people have made the case even more complicated.

He also ordered that the names and other relevant details of the deceased be submitted to the court.

The chief justice in his remarks said that the death under custody of the agency was murder and ordered that the remaining 33 persons in captivity of the army be presented in the court.